Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Say Good Bye to Coronary Heart Disorders with Price Effective Heart Surgery in India

Heart is a muscular organ that has a hollow structure that pumps oxygen through the blood vessels to the other parts of the human body.  The heart is found in each and every living species of animals with a circulatory system among all vertebrates. Age is a specific factor that plays a prominent role in the disease of the heart. Medical studies show that nearly 80% of the people die due to suffering from coronary heart disease. Among these people half of the people are above the age of 65 and also older to that. The risk of stroke becomes double after every decade during an average age of 55 years.

Today heart surgery has gained immense popularity and is being provided at the best cardiac surgery hospitals. These hospitals of heart surgery employ highly experienced and well trained surgeons who have earned recognition all over the world. These surgeons have refined surgical skills and new surgical approaches, they do minimally invasive cardiac surgery. Advanced hospitals of heart surgery have set the standards for providing hybrid cardiac treatment and robotic treatment in India. The efforts of these hospitals are being well considered and acknowledged by the international society for cardiac surgery. It is for this reason large numbers of abroad patients are coming to India because it is the perfect place for heart surgery in India.

Many attractive and modern healthcare facilities are being provided by heart surgery hospitals of India. These facilities include many kinds of powerful equipment's for cardiac surgery like 24 hours cardiac ambulance services, cardio operation theaters, 64 slice CT scan, 3D mapping and extra corporeal membrane oxygenation. Cost effective heart surgery is being provided by the most advanced and progressive cardiac surgery hospitals. It includes the best heart care services and with non coronary device therapies, congenital heart treatment as well as heart transplant technique. The hospitals have a well trained para medical staff and nursing team with supporting extensive care units. The main goal of experienced cardiac surgeons and reputed cardiac hospitals is to provide perfect cardiac rehabilitation programs that help in post surgical programs of the unit.  

Minimally invasive heart surgery in India

There are many reasons due to which abroad patients come to India for heart surgery. In countries like USA, UK and Canada the cost of heart surgery is high. On the other hand in countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania there is shortage of advanced medical care facilities. So patients from all these countries come to India for heart treatment. India has medically advanced and well equipped hospitals where one can get cured of coronary heart diseases. Meditrina hospital in Nagpur is one of such hospitals that have been equipped with advanced heart care facilities. This hospital provides treatment for heart disease at an affordable price budget. 

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