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Is Best hospital in India for heart Surgery an obvious choice

Heart transplant is an open heart surgery in which the damaged heart of an individual is replaced by a healthy heart of a deceased person. In a way it may be a treatment option for heart failure due to conditions such as coronary heart or valve disease. The heart transplants have been performed quiet successfully since 1967. On the flip side the number of patients undergoing this form of surgery is much more than the donors present. In fact a patient becomes eligible for a heart transplant when he is at the stage end heart disease and when all other forms of medical interventions have failed to yield the desired results. A point noteworthy is that the patient needs to withstand the technicalities associated with a surgery.

Coronary heart disease is one of most common form of heart disease that may lead to a heart transplant. In the case of children the prime reason for heart transplant is congenital heart disease or failure of a previous bypass surgery. All these conditions can lead to heart failure in which the body is unable to meet the body’s requirement of blood. A common notion is that heart transplants are performed with lung transplants. Since heart is the pillar on which the body functions one has to choose the Best Cardiac surgery hospital India as in these hospitals the facilities along with state of art infrastructure are of international standards. In addition to these in these hospitals for the welfare along with the safety of the patients due diligence is exercised.

Each year in India there are close to 4,00,000 people  who could benefit from this form of surgery. But the major problem is that there are only 2,00,000 donors available. Therefore the urgent need of the hour is a careful selection process in which only the deserving people are provided an opportunity. So the question which one needs to answer is why do the patients require heart transplants in the first place. The reason for it is that the heart is no longer in a position to pump well enough to supply oxygen along with nutrients to the various organs of the body. Another point of consideration is that not all the patients qualify for a heart transplant, as the other important organs of the body need to be in proper condition as well.

Since lot of medical know how is required to perform a surgery and one needs to avail the services of Best hospital in India for heart surgery. A lot of them are there but the name which comes to the forefront is Meditrina hospital India. They are located in the calm city of Nagpur which is pretty near to the cities of Mumbai and Pune. This hospital has incorporated all the latest in technology and for the international patients there is a separate department which caters to their needs.

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